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Who is CONEXUS? 

We are an organization bringing people together who are passionate about connecting with others on a global level.  Through our engaging study abroad and cultural programs,  we will guide you in forming a unique global perspective with a mindset of openness, awareness and connectedness. 

Our unique programs are led by experienced educators and professionals who want to share their passion with you. Come with us to be a part of our global community-in one with others. Read more Our Mission/Our Passion


What’s Your PASSION?

Do you have a passion you want to share? Music, food, art, languages, ... Would you like to lead a tour? We will help you develop your program. Come join us and our global community,  The CONEXUS Consortium


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In the States, Holy Week seems often to be lost in the flood of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Peeps. In Spain, Easter is lost in a flood of Holy Week somber marching tunes, people dressed in religious costumes...

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